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Our lovely customers

“It feels comfortable in the hand and the light makes it easier to pick up doggy messes in the dark.”

Darwin K.

“I appreciate the ease and quickness or use and am grateful to avoid dirty pup feet all over my home after a muddy or soggy walk.”

Vince D. US

“This is a great water bottle for dogs. Doesn’t leak and easy to save water back in the bottle if the dog doesn’t finish it.”

Abby R. US

“It's a great way to bond with my pet while keeping them active and happy.”

Alex C. AU

“This harness is great. It fits well, seems comfortable, reduces pulling, and is easy to put on and take off. I highly recommend it.”

Lauryn B.

“My cat loves it! He usually is a picky one, not interested in a lot of toys, but this one he plays! I'm glad I got it!”

Harry K.

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